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 Beth is a certified master groomer who has 50+ years of experience she has handled all breeds at AKC shows winning multiple competitions. She is currently a miniature schnauzer breeder. She runs her own quilting business and her own grooming shop in Saint Pete. She works at the Animal Inn on Mondays and she books up quick!

We use high grade professional shampoos, we offer medicated at no additional charge. We express anal glands on the grooming dogs, so that the likelihood of an anal problem is minimized. Toenails are trimmed with a professional nail grinder (not Pedi-Paws) so that the nails are not too sharp after trimming, and we clean and trim hair in ears and pluck ears (upon request) at no additional charge.

A full grooming includes:

  • Nail Trimming & Grinding 

  • Ear attention

  • Anals expressed if needed

  • Brush out

  • Shampoo

  • Blow dry

  • Haircut according to your directions.


Extra Fees

  If your dog has tangles or matts that you wish to have brushed out there is a fee of $10-$20 extra.

 Specialty trims including hand scissoring available upon prices may vary. 

Ask your groomer about what the best trim may be for you and your pet. 

 Short trims typically last about 6-8 weeks 

 Specialty trims typically last about 4 weeks.

We are very patient and gentle with our grooming guests to make the spa experience enjoyable for your pet; so please be patient with us perhaps we need a little extra time with some of our guests.

We accommodate owners with pick up times- please let us know if your pet needs to be picked up from a grooming appointment at a specific time. We also provide many specialty shampoos and encourage discussions about skin condition, itching at home or flea problems. We never administer tranquilizers; we encourage your pet’s cooperation with TLC!

We can cut and grind your dogs nails, any day, for $15 walk-ins welcome! We can cut your cats nails for $15.

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