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Our prices are very reasonable compared to many. This is because we are a family run business; where the owners reside on premises and provide care for the animals every day. We also are very proud that we have been able to incorporate green energy sources into the facility; we have solar panels and use solar energy for much of our electric use.

We accept the following methods of Payment:

Visa, Master Card, Discover, and debit cards.
  * We do not accept any check*


 Stop by anytime during business hours to pay cash or card NO CHECKS!

Rates for Dog boarding

 $25/day for dogs 25 pounds or less

 $27/day for dogs 26 to 50 pounds

 $29/day for dogs 51 to 75 pounds 

 $31/day for dogs 76 to 100 pounds 

 Dogs larger than 100 pounds call for quote.

Rates for Cat Boarding

 $20/day per cat

Nail trims $15 per pet walk-in and boarding

  • The Animal Inn of Pasco County is a full-service dog boarding facility that specializes in providing a fun, safe environment for canines of almost any size and breed. We understand that finding a place to leave your dog may be a daunting task; your dog's unique personality and special needs deserve attention from a well-trained professional expert. Whether your dog is planning to stay for a day or possibly a more extended getaway, the Animal Inn is sure to make your next vacation, business trip, or normal work day less stressful for both you and your dog.

  • The Animal Inn is proud to be the only dog boarding facility in Western Pasco County with Indoor/Outdoor runs rather than keeping the dogs in inside cages or pens. Our dog kennel is equipped with air-conditioning and heating for climate control and is also covered over so that the dogs are protected from both sun and rain. There are cameras inside and outside of the facilities so that the staff can keep a close eye when not on campus. Pet Owners can check in on their pets anytime by either calling the office line at (727) 847-7480 or by texting Cynthia, Manager/Owner, at (727) 808-4014. 

  • The Animal Inn understands the importance of keeping its guests entertained throughout their entire stay. The Animal Inn is surrounded by a beautiful country-like setting that offers many interesting things the dogs love to watch and bark at, such as squirrels and various types of birds. 

  • All dogs that plan on staying at the Animal Inn must be up to date on all of their vaccines, and we recommend that they have their own food in order to prevent dietary change. We provide all of our canine guests with a clean, fuzzy dog bed that is cleaned daily. For extra comfort, pet owners are welcome to bring 1 or 2 toys and a small item from home. For more information or to schedule a stay at the Animal Inn, please call 727-847-7480.

  • Set your pick-up date and time during the reservation call or on drop-off day, and call us or text Cynthia for any changes!

  • 6 days a week, there are no charges for boarding on exit day if picked up Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 10 am-2 pm or between 2 pm-6 pm with a charge for the day. Wednesday and Saturday between 10 am-12 pm only. Sunday is ALWAYS a charge for the day since we are only open 5 pm-6 pm.

  • We do require that you bring updated shot records. We require Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordatella. 

  • You may also bring 2 toys, a blanket, and food individually packaged meals or a container with your scoop and instructions. It is also acceptable for your peace of mind and ours that your furry family member is being fed accurately. We have a refrigerator, a freezer, and a microwave to accommodate any diet. However, please ensure not to change their diet for their stay, as that can further upset their tummies.

  • Mandatory Exit bath on all dogs that are staying more than one night, the price is the same as a day of boarding. The bath includes the use of the best shampoos, hand drying, fluff drying, and nail trimming upon request. 

  • We do offer nail trimming for an extra fee of $15

  • Playtime included free with all boarding, both for cats and dogs.

  • If your beloved dogs need any medication during their stay, we have staff administering medications for an additional $5 per day, no matter how many medications your pet has. 

  • If, for any reason, you forget to bring your own food, you can either tell Cynthia the kind a bag that can be picked up and charged to the final bill of the stay, or we do have food we can provide for $5 extra per day.

  • Emergency services include boarding during disasters and hospital/ rehab stays.

  • Please make sure to follow the business hours posted on our site. We do lock the office promptly at closing unless you reach out and let us know you are behind schedule. We do offer an after-hours fee of $50 to open the office outside of business hours for holidays that we are closed, it is $100. We have some exemptions to the fee; explain why, and it may be waived.  

Boarding Rates & Info

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