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  • The Animal Inn of Pasco County is a full service dog boarding facility that specializes in providing a fun, safe environment for canines of almost any size and breed. We understand that finding a place to leave your dog may be a daunting task; your dogs unique personality and special needs deserve attention from a well-trained professional expert. Whether your dog is planning to stay for a day or possibly a more extended getaway, the Animal Inn is sure to make your next vacation, business trip, or normal work day less stressful for both you and your dog.

  • The Animal Inn is proud to be the only dog boarding facility in Western Pasco County with Indoor/Outdoor runs, rather than keeping the dogs in inside cages or pens. Our dog kennel is equipped with air-conditioning and heating for climate control, and is also covered over so that the dogs are protected from both sun and rain. There are cameras inside and outside of the facilities so that the staff can keep a close eye when not on campus. Pet Owners can check in on their pets anytime by either calling the office line at (727) 847-7480 or by texting Cynthia the manager at (727) 808-4014. 

  • The Animal Inn understands the importance of keeping its guests entertained throughout their entire stay. The Animal Inn is surrounded by a beautiful country like setting that offers many interesting things the dogs love to watch and bark at, such as squirrels and various types of birds. 

  • All dogs that plan on staying at the Animal Inn must be up to date on all of their vaccines, and we recommend that they have their own food, in order to prevent dietary change. We provide all of our canine guests with a clean fuzzy dog bed that is cleaned daily. For extra comfort pet owners are welcome to bring 1 or 2 toys and a small item from home. For more information or to schedule a stay at the Animal Inn, please call 727-847-7480.

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