The Animal Inn boards cats in a separate cattery, with individual cat condos. Each individual cat condo offers a spacious living area of 7' in height by 4' wide, with a depth of about 4'. The cat condo offers various levels for the feline guests to climb upon. We also provide each cat with multiple comfortable fuzzy beds that are changed daily.

The cattery is located adjacent to our front office, allowing our cats to hear voices and interactions throughout the day. You can stop by and view our cattery anytime the office is open, no appointment necessary!

The Animal Inn understands the importance of keeping its feline guests entertained throughout their entire stay. The Animal Inn Cattery has windows in both the upper and lower levels to ensure that all cats staying with us in the cattery enjoy doing what they do best, that is.... relaxing and watching the squirrels, birds, lizards, and most of all...... the beauty of nature that surrounds the Animal Inn Facility.

All cats that plan on staying at the Animal Inn must be up to date on all of their vaccines, and we recommend that they have their own food brought in,  so that we may prevent dietary change intestinal upset.


For more information or to schedule your cat a stay at the Animal Inn call 727-847-7480

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In case of emergencies please call Cynthia at 7278084014. 



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